November 1, 2012 Thursday
 The Stranger vs. Believer 6:00PM - - - 
The Stranger vs. Believer
"When We Were Young & Dumb"

Brian McMullen, Laura Howard, Daniel Levin Becker, Lindy West, Christopher Frizzelle, Bethany Jean Clement

Watch as writers from Believer and Seattle's The Stranger go head-to-head with tales from their youth. Jesus! LSD! Virginity! No topic is off-limits. This storytelling event features Believer's Brian McMullen, Laura Howard, and Daniel Levin Becker and The Stranger's Lindy West, Christopher Frizzelle, and Bethany Jean Clement (who will be signing their new book How to Be a Person afterward. Free drinks with purchase while supplies last!).
November 1st, 2012

 6pm, FREE! 5:50PM - - - 

 "When We Were Young & Dumb" 5:55PM - - - 

 rock/pop/soul/crap 9:25PM - - - 

 DJ FOODCOURT and his pals FREE! 9:30 9:30PM - - - 

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